Looking with New Eyes
Annette Geroy


5.25 x 8 - 208 Pages

Subtitle: My Journey from Bondage to Freedom

I sat in prayer and looked at each page of this book with mixed emotions, reading through half of it in one sitting. It was hard to put down. I cried for the little girl who was hurt, I felt rage for the suffering you had to endure and yet I was inspired by your walk with the Lord. I felt victorious with your strength to overcome. You have a beautiful way of showing the loving arms of our Lord wrapped around you through all these days.
Leigh Hebert

I am stunned and awed and amazed at your wonderful writing. How precious the Lord is to express Himself through you to those who need hope and healing.
Juli Hobin

Looking With New Eyes is the most deeply personal story I have ever read. Thank you. As a young child I was also sexually abused. Reading your story has encouraged me to tell my story for countless men who feel alone, suffocating in the darkness of isolation.
Hershel Reid

Ann you so clearly show how with help, time and God's Word we can look at ourselves with new eyes. The hidden pain that has impacted those of us scarred because of sexual abuse can be completely and totally healed. Thank you for encouraging me to continue my healing journey.
Vickie Byrd

Annette recently retired from teaching to direct her full attention to prayer ministry and directing women's conferences and writing. She is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors and the International Association for Theophostic Ministry. She and her husband founded Mount Horeb Ministries in 1999. Find out more about Annette by visiting the website at www.mounthorebministries.com.

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