Money and More
Todd Gaddis


5.25 x 8 - 128 Pages 

If you find yourself interested in money, you're in good company because Jesus was tooóand still is. In fact one-sixth of the gospels and one-third of the parables deal with the critical area of stewardship. Money & More: The Quest for Generous Living explores a portion of these key encounters and teachings. But it doesn't stop there. The author taps into other sections of the Old and New Testaments to reveal Divine counsel on a subject that has occupied people's time and attention throughout the centuries.

God provides three ways for us to invest in eternity-with our time, talents and treasures. The way we share our treasures is the driving force behind this book.

Liberation begins when we realize God is the owner and we are the stewards. How we choose to handle what He so graciously provides has a major impact on the quality of life we can anticipate. Some choose to hoard their money, thus missing the blessings that could be theirs by sharing their resources and giving back a portion of what they've received to churches and other worthy charitable causes. Others squander their money as fast, some even faster than it comes in, leaving nothing to give.

Jesus' claim that "It is more blessed to give than receive" (Acts 20:35) is by no means an empty platitude or shop worn clichè. It's a life changing truth that Money & More seeks to deliver in a fresh and a new way. Dive in, yet take small bites and chew slowly as you begin your quest into generous living.

About the Author

Todd Gaddis has been a pastor since 1990 and currently serves at First Baptist Church in LaFayette, Georgia. He has written for Focus on the Family, Leadership, Pray, War Cry and numerous LifeWay publications.
Before entering the pastorate, Todd worked in public relations/fundraising for a Christian college and also as a corporate sales representative. His previous books are The Great Curse Reversal (2006), Escape From Wits' End (2005) and The Compliments of Christ (2004).

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