Finding the Church
Albert Zehr


Subtitle: Hopes, Illusions and Disillusions in search of the "Perfect" Church

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For those who have journeyed or observed others on the finding the church pilgrimage, Albert Zehr from his own experience offers prayerful considerations showing how all things can and do work for the good of those who love Him. Love, hope and encouragement shine through even the clouds of pain and disillusionment as the writer deals with:
• Vince Ready left his traditional church years ago for a living up-to-date fellowship. It has faltered. What does he do now?
• Joe Normal can’t understand why some people can’t settle down and stay with their church.
• What makes Joe Foundit believe that his group is on the inside of what God is doing? Where does that leave the rest of us?
• Linda Nomor thinks her church leader is controlling people. Ben Louder feels that this is proper spiritual authority. What is the difference?
• Paul Reasoner agonizes, “At first. We just loved the Lord, but by now this group has become a cause and everyone is obligated to promote it. When I share my concern I am branded as being negative. I think we have lost our focus!”
• Meanwhile Oscar Bolder considers such thoughts as undermining the unity. What can Paul do and where else can he go?
Many steps in our pilgrimage may appear to have been detours but this was the shortest way that God could take us in order for us to become an increasingly clear reflection of him. So, be encouraged!

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