Love Alone Will Never Be Enough
Sister Mary Julia Steinkamp, SNJM and Mary Joan Carlsen, MS.


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Subtile: Raising Drug-affected Children

Check every bookstore and library and the Internet, and you will not find a single book telling the day-by-day story of raising drug-affected children. 

In the ’70s when Joan and her husband adopted these three, they weren’t told that the biological parents were on drugs. It took super parenting to raise children whose conscience and rational thinking were seriously damaged. It took prayer and a commitment as deep as their marriage vows, plus a degree in psychology, child therapy, many miracles and lots of common sense. When you read how Joan rushed out on the front porch and prayed, “God, send me a spaceship to take these children,” you won’t want to put the book down. The children are adults now but cannot function as adults. Without consistent mentoring they would end up on the streets or in prison. The parents who took the drugs should be in prison. Joan has a plan to help drug-addicted children.

I have been a sister of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary for sixty-two years.
Our Canadian founder, Blessed Marie Rose Durocher (1811-1849), was deeply in touch with God and the needs of her time, handing on to us a legacy of commitment to the poor and disadvantaged. Money from my seven published books – River of Life, The Bear, the Rug and the Echo Tree, One Who Stayed, Living in Christ, Short Meditations for Busy People, Maria, Auschwitz Survivor and Dialogue with Jesus – goes to the starving children in our African missions. Joan and I have been friends for forty-four years. We both believe we can further the work of Christ by the written word.

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