The Fervour and Frustration of the Native Heart
brant joseph maracle, Ah-Reh-Wih-Yos-Tah


6 x 9 - 140 Pages

Subtitle: Poetry and Verse

What They’re Saying About brant joseph maracle’s Poetry and Writing

Al Purdy: “Congratulations on your new pieces of poetry… you are one of our top poets. My wife and I enjoyed being overnight guests in your home.”
Gail Nolan (secretary of the Madoc Lions Club): “I have heard Brant recite his poetry. It is quite an experience, very inspirational and moving! I have known Brant since April 2012. Brant is an honest and kind-hearted soul. He is willing to help wherever needed and always has a smile on his face. It is a pleasure to be around Brant. He always has nothing but good to say about everyone. He definitely is a positive person to be around!”
Jay Silverheels, Tonto: “From the depths of Brant’s whole being, he writes poignantly and convincingly with an innate knowledge and truth about his people and their tribulations.”
Rachel Thompson (manager, LaCole Manor Retirement Home): “Brant has been a resident for five years; he has excellent rapport with staff and residents. He is soft spoken and respectful of everyone’s thoughts and opinions. Brant is a very honest individual and always makes new residents feel welcome. It is a pleasure to have Brant as a resident.”

The author in his lectures throughout North America and Europe has been asked many and various questions concerning Native issues. In his book, the author gives brief but concise answers. The following represents a few of the questions dealt with:
  • What is the origin of the North American Native?
  • Should the Native people give up their reserves?
  • What about Natives and taxes?
  • How did the reserves come into existence?
  • Should the Native people resort to violence?
  • Why do some Native turn to drink?
  • Who were the savages?
The reader will find the answers stimulating and thought provoking!

*front cover photo is author’s son, Deh-Wah-Onh-Nah-Deh

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