God Will Not Fail You
Samuel Doctorian, Elizabeth Stalcup / Believe Books


6 X 9 - 272 Pages

God Will Not Fail You is the inspiring life story of Samuel Doctorian, a poor Armenian boy from Beirut who grew up to bring dramatic revivals to the Muslim world. Read the gripping account of miraculous healings, daring escapes, earth shaking revivals, supernatural provision, and angelic visitations that will stir your faith. The book includes the amazing description of a prophetic dream that disturbed Samuel’s sleep ten days before the deadliest tsunami in recorded history in 2004. It also describes an angelic visitation Samuel experienced on the Island of Patmos in 1998 which foretold the collapse of the towers in New York City in 2001 and other events still yet to come. Samuel Doctorian has preached to kings, heads of state and even the British Parliament.This book is for everyone who is hungry to know that miracles still happen today. Samuel’s compelling story will inspire you to live a life of extreme faith.

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  • ISBN: 978-0-97874-285-0
  • EBN: 1400
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  • Published By: Believe Books

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