When God Shows Up
Henry Wildeboer


I finished your book today. I am blessed, stunned and hopeful because of what you wrote in your book. 
I am blessed because of your testimony as you lived and continue to live in commitment, obedience, faith, humility, continually filled with God the Holy Spirit.
I am stunned because of the similarity of many events in your life and ministry with those in my life and ministry; to wit—both of us working for and with Rits Tadema; your father's death in 1975 as well as my dad dying that year; your experiences with parishioners; your ministry at Cross Point CRC in Chino, CA and many more! I grew up in Chino. Cross Point was started by evangelist Miner Tanis who led my brother to the Lord and discipled me before I went to seminary. Often when Carol and I visit Chino, we attend Cross Point and see many dear friends from years ago.
I am hopeful because the way you end the book, that the reader will be—a "special instrument of revival" … " in the glorious employ" of the Lord … "mighty in the scriptures" … "lives dominated by a sense of the greatness, majesty and holiness of God" … "minds and hearts aglow" … "die to self" … "fools for Christ" … "win the Master's approbation before his judgment seat" … "signs and wonders following"…
My eyes are still moist with a lump in my throat—really. I am confident that God will bless His Kingdom and that small part of it called the Christian Reformed Church because of men like you who have served and continue to serve Him. I am confident of brighter days ahead for the CRC and you had no small part to play in that. Well done thou good and faithful servant.
I wish (and hope) our paths might cross sometime. As we would say in the Air Force, "I'll see you here, there or in the air!"  
Ren Vandesteeg
(Retired CRC, US Air Force Chaplain)
Date Added: 09/17/2013 by Ren Vandesteeg
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