Mark My Words
L. June Stevenson


It is said, “You can’t tell a book by it’s cover,” and that may be so, but the chickadee on the cover of this book under the title "Mark My Words" is eye-catching. It’s actually wonderfully evoking “a bird in the hand,” which is where that chickadee is placed.

The first poem poses a question, “What happens to a poem if no one reads it?”
“…this vibrant living creation
my life’s blood coursing through its word-maze of veins
pulsing with mystery and promise…”
proceeds to answer this query eventually leaving the reader to ask this very same question of themselves and coming to their own conclusions.

"Mark My Words" weaves seasons, textures, images, and colours all through every poem, every piece, and on into each different section. It deals with honest emotions and harsh realities of living, memories and life lessons, and playful, thought-provoking issues. My favourite of these is “Tempest in a Teapot.” Here, poet Stevenson starts the reader off by taking us into [Lewis Carroll’s beloved character] Alice’s world, and then ends up in a different world with a different experience.
“…On another day, in a far distant place,
A woman was weeping, her heart filled with sorrow.
…So she opened the book about Alice’s trip
And said, “Let the true journey start…”

By now we realize Ms. Stevenson has taken this reader on a spiritual journey. She is leading us through parts of her life and allowing us to enter the essence of her being through poetry.
“…let her go, that elegant lady with the hat and the sweeping coat
She who is me and is no more.”

"Mark My Words" will give you gifts of though, inspire ideas, teach you lessons and bring forth a trek from one human to another. L. June Stevenson is generous in her desire to reach out and share. This is almost an act of bravery where she opens herself [up] and allows the reader to share.
You will question, muse and ultimately come to realize this book and its words will be your friend, your guide and a part of yourself.
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