Getting Well at Being Sick
David C. Hamata


"Getting Well at Being Sick" is definitely an honest account of Dave and his family's struggle through his cancer. You will cry especially if you have battled a serious illness or been a caregiver. There's healing in knowing you aren't alone and healing in knowing what it was like for someone else. I think Diana and her daughters are so brave to open up and share their heartbreaking struggle with Dave's illness. I connected with Dave's words so much as I was a caregiver for my mom. None of us should ever have to deal with cancer but that is not the reality. People have to find their way through the cancer process and try to create the memories we need to nourish our soul for the path we need to walk after the battle with cancer has ended. Dave's words are so honest and he opens his soul to us. He admits his demons and ways to make it easier for others. Dave touches on the real every day risks and issues of a serious illness - humility, addiction, and pain. Even six years after my Mom's death from cancer, Dave's words encouraged me, made me cry but I remembered how strong I am because in my story, I was Diana as my mom didn't have a spouse. Nobody ever wants to get cancer or have their loved one battle cancer, but many of us do and we need to talk about it. We need to learn from each other and know that we are never alone. When I was reading the girls words, my heart broke for the times they missed out, but they are so strong and we can never go through something this powerful in our lives and come out the same. I'm sure they are the strong women they are because of Dave's illness. I would recommend anyone who faces or has faced a serious illness to read "Getting Well at Being Sick."
Date Added: 03/16/2017 by Tracy Cumming
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