Getting Well at Being Sick
David C. Hamata


One doesn't plan on "…being sick" any more than one intends to take an ankle dive into a gopher hole while leisurely meandering through the woods. It just happens. Like all of life's bends, they simply catch us off guard.
How to respond in the midst of unanticipated hardships while trusting God to be my shield, is the message David Hamata desires to convey.
In this compact but packed-to-the-hilt, can't-put-it-down book, Dave talks to us in a style uniquely his. Laced with both honesty and humor, he describes how becoming seriously ill, suddenly, and time and again, provided him with the experience needed to perfect his responses to "Getting Well at Being Sick."
His acute understanding will equip each reader with practical helps when faced with unforeseen illness, including how to become the confident patient the very next time you have occasion to step into your doctor's office.
The story of his ongoing struggle to entrust himself to God at the height of each frightening moment during his fight with cancer will inspire you.
For the one who is close to someone in the throes of a health upheaval, he provides direction on how to be there for them and come alongside them in a meaningful and genuine way.
Your heart will be softened by the closing innermost admissions of Dave's wife and three daughters whose grapplings gently lead the reader along the path we all must take toward wholeness.
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