Getting Well at Being Sick
David C. Hamata


A quick and easy read, quite compelling and at times riveting. The author battled illness for many years and yes, he won even when he didn't recover fully every time! His attitude after all that he had experienced is inspiring, to say the least. At times light-hearted, even when dealing with dire circumstances, many will find help in the pages that Dave has recorded.
The practical implications of this book are just as paramount. There is good advice for both those suffering and for those trying to alleviate their pain.
The role of faith during illness is also explored, from a balanced perspective without being preachy. Some will find this reassuring, while others perhaps a curiosity to behold. It is this same Strength that the author wishes each sufferer experiences likewise.
My only criticism, albeit a mild one and beyond anyone's control, has to do with how unfortunate it is that Dave wasn't able to complete this book on his own. The attempts by his family to speak to his courage in hindsight are definitely admirable and a nice touch to its conclusion. May every life be such a legacy.
Date Added: 04/18/2017 by Derek Lehman
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